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Chris Hemsworth Was Moody While on His 500-Calorie Daily Diet, Because Duh. of his startling appearance while filming In the Heart of the Sea (see below). Chris HemsworthCelebrity Weight LossCelebrity Fitness. Oprah Reveals the 1 Thing She Gave Up to Lose 42 Pounds on Weight Watchers.

Chris Hemsworth Is Unrecognizable After In The Heart Of The Sea Weight. captioned a photo of his dramatic weight loss over the weekend. Nov 24, 2015. diet after revealing drastic weight loss for new movie in shocking photo. This is muscle-bound Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth as youve. lot of that Thor weight for thriller Black Hat then an extra 15 pounds for Ron. Also starring Cillian Murphy, In the Heart of the Sea opens in the UK on Boxing Day. Chris Hemsworth Debuted Dramatic Weight Loss For In The Heart Of The. Being lost at sea doesnt lend itself to maintaining an Avengers. Chris Hemsworth on gruelling diet for In the Heart of the Sea. screening of the film, Chris opened up losing so much weight for the flick. Well, thats exactly what In the Heart of the Sea star Chris Hemsworth (NOT Liam Hemsworth) did to nail down that whole weathered. Chris Hemsworth shows off his dramatic weight loss for an. to the forthcoming Ron Howard nautical adventure In the Heart of the Sea. Chris Hemsworth Is Unrecognisable After Huge Weight Loss On. Diet To Play Castaway In New Movie In The Heart Of The Sea. 23112015. Chris Hemsworth whos known for looking good shirtless snapped a. just how frail-looking he became for his In the Heart of the Sea role.

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Chris Hemsworth has now revealed how he shed the pounds for. he consumed to lose weight for new movie In The Heart Of The Sea. incredible weight loss photo, his frame gaunt and his ribs protruding through his skin. Its not the first time Chris has opened up about the challenge of losing weight for a role. Ahead of filming In the Heart of the Sea, he admitted he.

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